Admins guide to Ignite 2019…

Ignite 2019 is just around the corner. This event is THE event to attend if you want to stay ahead of the curve on what Microsoft has in store for their products and services for the coming year.
Packed with sessions, labs and keynotes, this event gives the attendee a lot of possibilities to learn new and exiting stuff, as well as engage with Microsoft directly.

But with endless possibilities comes endless choices. And there a lot. Looking at the session catalogue can be overwhelming, so I’ve tried to do a quick rundown of some of the session I’d suggest you should attend.

First off, there is off course the keynote hosted by Satya Nadella on Monday at 9 AM. But beware, it is well attended and spots fill up quickly, so if you don’t get in there are other options for viewing it.
But what else to see? Well, here is my list of things:

BRK2060 What’s new in Microsoft 365 admin center
THR3084 Microsoft 365 admin: Ask us anything
ADM10 Onboarding and setup: Getting the most out of Microsoft 365
BRK3304 Admin experiences across Microsoft 365: Roundtable topics
BRK3308 Intelligent collaboration across Microsoft 365: Roundtable topics
ADM20 Addressing top management issues with users and groups
ADM40 Using analytics to maximize your Microsoft 365 value
THR3085 Microsoft 365 network performance testing, scoring, and recommendations
BRK3041 Role-based access control in Microsoft 365: Improve your operations and security posture
BRK2201 Finding your collaboration sweet spot with Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Teams, and Yammer
THR2251 How Microsoft empowers employees through self-service collaboration while still protecting the company in Office 365
BRK2056 Embrace Office 365 Groups: What’s new and what’s next
TMS10 What’s new with Microsoft Teams: The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365
TMS30 Designing your path from Skype for Business to Teams: Start Here!
MTG30 Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment for an inclusive and enhanced meeting room
TMS40 Managing Microsoft Teams effectively

Besides these sessions, Microsoft have what they call learning paths. This is a way of finding sessions related to specific tracks such as productivity, security and a range of other topics.
You can find these paths here.

All I have left now is to wish you some great days here at Ignite 2019. Hope to see you around the conference center…

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