Outlook on the web – new experience

New things are happening to the online experience in Outlook.

If you’re using Outlook on the web (previously known as OWA), you might have noticed this little radio button in the top right corner:

That button is used to switch between the classic and new user experience in Outlook on the web, and brings along the new user interface a range of new features as well.
A couple of the noteworthy features are in my opinion these, I’ll mention those below.

The big news here is that this feature, previously in preview, has now gone into general availability. This means it will be rolled out to everyone, and users will no longer have the option of switching between classic and new.


A new search feature will be available, which brings predictive searches that gives results based on what you work on at the moment as well as who you interact with the most.



This is one nifty feature, allowing you to search and display attachments only. No more browsing endlessly looking for that one specific attachment.


Simpler event creation

The event creation wizard has gotten an overhaul, making the process of creating events more simple. It also features an integration to a map service, which will search the location as you type.


Smart room suggestions

One of the new features coming, is the smart room suggestions. It will, based on attendee count and availability, suggest suitable rooms. Gone are the days of clicking back and forth between the different rooms in an effort to find one available.

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