DirectAccess Configuration Load Error

I was implementing a DirectAccess solution at a customer using Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

Everything went fine with installation and configuration and I was looking forward to testing it. But after everything was done I opened the Remote Access Management Console only to be met by an error stating “Configuration Load Error. Settings for server <servername> cannot be retrieved. The system cannot find the file specified.” as seen below:
DirectAccess post install error 2Re-applying the settings from the DirectAccess server GPO did not resolve the issue and since I was unable to find any documentation stating which files are being used in the DirectAccess configuration I decided to start again.

I therefore deleted the GPO’s, and ran a GPUPDATE on the server. The wizard then detected that the GPO settings was no longer present and gave me the option of clearing the configuration on the server.

After this I was able to run the configuration wizard once more and this time it worked…

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