Un-installing Exchange 2013 server fails with “Setup can’t continue with the uninstall because the eseutil has open files”

So, I was at a customer uninstalling an Exchange 2013 server as the customer had finished their migration to Office 365.

Went through the usual process of decommissioning the server, such as ensuring no mailboxes where left, removing arbitration boxes and so on.
Got to the point where the actual uninstall could take place, and was faced with this:

E2K13 eseutil uninstall error

Thought to myself, that was kinda weird… Looking in Task Manager showed that ESEUTIL has a lot of processes running:

E2K13 eseutil task manager

Well, since all data had been migrated away from the server and all databases had been removed I didn’t see much point in finding out why all these ESEUTIL processes where spawned.

A simple reboot later, and the uninstall procedure continued without any problems.

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