DNS Best Practice Analyzer error…

At a customer site, we’ve after some consideration enabled the Best Practice Analyzer monitor in Operations Manager. When I say careful consideration, I always tell my customer that they will be getting a lot of work with this monitor and sure enough it happened here as well.

The customer was busy cleaning out in the errors, but kept getting one that he couldn’t figure out:

Dns servers on <network adapter name> should include the loopback address but not as the first entry

The network adapter <network adapter name> does not list the local server as a DNS server; or it is configured as the first DNS server on this adapter.

If the loopback IP address is the first entry in the list of DNS servers, Active Directory might be unable to find its replication partners.

Configure adapter settings to add the loopback IP address to the list of DNS servers on all active interfaces, but not as the first server in the list.

The customer insisted that he had ensured that the DNS server local IP and loopback IP was listed as last in the order as shown below:

DNS BPA error

So, I took a look on the server and sure enough the server order was correct… on the IPV4 settings that is. Looking at the IPV6 settings (which the customer hasn’t deployed) the address ::1 was for some reason listed in the DNS servers.

Removing this and setting it to automatically retrieve DNS servers from DHCP fixed the BPA error.


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